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Thanks for your interest in joining my webring!

The basic idea for this ring is to promote, maintain and encourage hunting, whether you hunt deer, small game, turkey or even fishing, or all mentioned. :) Plus, encouraging children, the future generation to respect the sport of hunting.

Who can join? Any site that promotes hunting in a positive way, if your page has links to informatve hunting sites, free hunting graphics, recipes for wild game, any helpful, useful, informative pages are all welcome to join. Commercial sites welcome also.

I hope you will feel that this is a webring that you would like to join, thereby adding another link to the promotion and survival of this great outdoor sport!.

There are a few mandatory steps you have to follow to joining.

1. You MUST upload the graphic to your server, or download.

2. You MUST have the html fragment on your page within 7 days, or your site will be removed from the queue! This is automaticly done by Webring.

3. You MUST have the fragment on the page you submitted when joining, or you will be removed from the queue by Webring!

4. You do not need to email me when you have the fragment up on your page. Webring automaticly checks Queued sites once a week, and if your site is on the page you submitted when you signed up, you will automaticly be moved from the Queue to the ring.

That's it, looking forward to having you join!

This Rick's Hunting Lodge Webring site owned by Rick's Hunting Lodge.
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