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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by.
I have made an index of all the subjects I will be covering to make deciding what you want to read up on your choice. Although I hope you will find every page interesting and informative. And of course that you will learn something new! Please feel free to send me your comments, suggestion's, and stories of your hunting experiences. Enjoy your visit.

I am completly re-doing all my pages, so please bear with me as this is a slow process. :)



Deer Talk



Senses Of Game Animals

Spring & Fall Turkey Hunting


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This Campsite on the
New York Hunting Trail hosted by Rick's Hunting Lodge
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I had to remove the old GB, because there was problems with the background loading incorrectly. I apoligize to everyone who took the time to sign that book. However your entries unfortunetly could not be read. :(
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