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Guide to Tracking the Whitetail Deer

Finding a wounded deer is never easy, but these tips will simplify your task.

Five Quick Killing Shots.

"Heart Shot"

1.) Heart shot: sometimes leap very wildly and run very hard low to the ground.

A.) Color of blood: dark

C.) The deer will live for about 3 to 5 minutes.

D.) Travels: between 60 nd 70 yards.

"Lung Shot"

2.) Lung shot: The deer will run straight and hard for 45 to 50 yards and then slow down and stager, falling to the ground.

A.) Color: Very fine spray of pinkish bubbly blood.

B.) Waiting time: 5 minutes must be hit in one lung. If hit in both, won't go more than 80 to 90 yards. Will live for about 10 minutes.

3.) "Kidney Shot"

A.) Hair: Long and dark in color and a little black on the tips.

B.) Color: Dark and shows in very fine spray.

C.) Should die within 5 minutes.

D.) Travels: not more than 90 to 100 yards.

E.) Waiting time: 10 minutes

"Liver Shot"

4.) With a liver shot the hair in the area is brownish-gray.

A.) Blood: Very dark in color, won't travel more than 70 yards.

B.) Waiting time: 4 to 5 minutes.

"Spinal Shot"

5.) Hitting a deer in the spine will drop him/her in their tracks.

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