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Rate Your Own Confidence Level

Confidence for the hunter is a sense of certainty in his or her ability to find game. The more confident he is, the better are his chances for success. Hunter's low on confidence seldem see game, or rarely have time for a shot. What about you? How's your confidence level? To find out, take the following quiz.

1) Before the hunt you;

A. Prepare a place to store all that game your going to bring back with you.

B. Tell friends you'll share any game you'll get, if your lucky enough.

C. Leave home without any expectation's at all.

2) Before the hunt you;

A. Spend long hours making plans. Cleaning and checking equipment, reading up on tactics and talking about getting game.

B. Spend a few hours making plans and gathering equipment.

C. Wait until the last minute before gathering gear, scan with skeptism magazines on hunting and grunt off your chances of success as fickle luck.

3) Before the hunt you;

A. Sight your rifle in, knowing that it must be right on for that shot you'll definetly get.

B. Sight your rifle in---if you get the chance.

C. Consider a waist of time because you probably won't see anything anyway.

4) The last day of the hunt dawns, and you have yet to see a deer. You consider your chance of having venison now as;

A. Still excellent.

B. Somewhat diminished.

C. Greatly diminshed.

5) You believe hunting is;

A. Mostly ability.

B. Half luck, half ability.

C. Pure luck.

6) During the hunt you;

A. Never doubt your ability to see game.

B. sometimes feel as though you'll never see game.

C. Often feel as though you won't see game.

7) During the hunt you;

A. Are never late breaking out in the morning because of a feeling that it just isn't worth it.

B. Have been late getting up sometimes because you felt it wasn't worth it.

C. Have often slept in because getting up to go hunting wasn't worth the effort.

8) During the hunt you;

A. Never stumble around carelessly out of the belief that you won't see game anyway.

B. Sometimes bumble around in frustration.

C. Often bumble around becase you are not seeing anything.

9) During the hunt you;

A. Never leave the field early just because you haven't see any game.

B. Sometimes leave the field early when you haven't seen any game.

C. Often leave the field early out of frustration.

10) During the hunt you;

A. Always work into what might prove a good spot, even though it is quit difficult.

B. Sometimes stalk around a tough area rather than go into it.

C. Often bypass hard-to-hunt areas.

Give yourself 10) points for each A) answer, 5) points for each B) answer and 1) point for each C). If you get between 75 to 100 points, you are probably in group A--those with enough confidence to succeed. If yo score between 40 to 75 points, you are most likely in group B--those who eed somewhat more confidence to develop from adverage hunter's to good hunter's. If you are in group C--you must improve your basic hunting skills first. Confidence will grow with ability.

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